Project Leaders


The Steering group has a wealth of experience to draw upon.


Stan Firth, the overall Project Leader, is Secretary of the Pentagon Society, and has been involved with local history and a member of the Lions organization for many years.  Prior to becoming managing director of a large engineering company of 500 staff in 1982, he was a project manager working on building gold mines, copper mines, and fertiliser plants.  Professionally trained in project management in the UK and in the USA, since semi-retirement Stan has worked as business advisor to many companies in Eastern Europe on behalf of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. 

Robin Campbell, who leads the Headstone Project, is a senior HM Revenue and Customs officer with project experience and an honours degree in History. He has researched the local history of Inner Hebridean islands, recording memories, songs and stories, and contributing to several books.

David Cook is in charge of delineating two Heritage Trails and creating the art work which forms the centrepiece of the trail leaflets. A professional artist and qualified art and design teacher, he has considerable experience in working with architects, illustrating and model making, on heritage, restoration and art projects.
Sam Rabjohn, a retired teacher and senior manager for 36 years with a degree in Education and History, and the Chairman of Elston Parish Council and the Pentagon Society, liaises with the village school on their part in a video of the Heritage Trail. 

Dave Sankey, responsible for the Photographic Archive and Website, was for 20 years in charge of organisation and customer service in a large Inland Revenue department, drafted two winning Charter Mark applications and devised the operational and measurement systems which produced the results. Semi-retired, he works two days per week as the Administrator of a large charity.

Michael Sergeant, involved in fund raising and community projects as Chairman of the Round Table and Assistant Secretary of Newark Rotary Club with seven years project managing for a Housing Society, assists with Exhibition Planning.   

Other Project Leaders

Richard Brooks, Associate Professor in Engineering at Nottingham University, is responsible for compiling the Documents Archive and also assists with Exhibition Planning ;

David Ditcham, leads the Oral History team. Following a full time career in education, he gained a Certificate in Local History at Nottingham University. He is a tutor at the International High Performance Centre at Loughborough University and is an assessor and trainer for the Duke of Edinburgh Award ; 

Jean Williamson, retired Dean of the School of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University, is in charge of the Mapping Project to illustrate the evolution of the village and to show current land ownership in the parish, as well as assisting in the publishing of the "Elston - Then and Now" book and in Exhibition Planning. 

Other team members

The following provide help and support to the project leaders :

Budget and Accounts : Ann Sankey
Photographic Archive : John Baty, Chris Crawford, Ruth Crawford, Heather Millard
Heritage Trail : John Clawson, Robert Hartley, Robin Ross
Oral History : Sue Brooks, Marian Green, Hans Hanson, Louise Hanson, Diane Hofton, John Partridge, Marian Sergeant, Audrey Turney, Evelyn Wright
Headstones : Sue Clawson, Paul Fitzgerald, Hans Hanson, Louise Hanson, Heather Millard, Mike Turney
Documents : Malcolm Asbury, Valerie Cook, Fiona Morland 
Farms : Ray Horner, Robert Lockwood, Ivor Walker 
Newsfile : Christine Hanby, George White
Historical Advisors : Chris Blackamore, Mary Peatfield