The following can be ordered from Elston Village Shop on 07951 564663 or by contacting Dave Sankey at Unless otherwise stated, all proceeds will go towards continuing the research, including the printing of Heritage Trail leaflets and graveyard and memorial guides after the Lottery grant is exhausted. If you do not live in Elston a small additional charge will be necessary to cover postage and packing.

DVDs and CDs produced on a home computer are not as robust as commercially-produced  DVDs and can degrade over the years.  We suggest that you copy the contents of the CDs and DVDs to your hard drive as a safeguard against the possible loss of the content.  Alternatively you may wish to consider the alternative of having the item sent via WeTransfer, a service which is free to sender and recipient whereby data items too large to be attached to e-mails can be sent to your computer to be downloaded. This option also saves us the costs and time involved in copying discs, printing labels, plastic cases, packaging, and posting. All items except movies and slideshows with soundtracks made using Nero software can be transmitted in this way, and the cost to you is considerably reduced.  

Warning: Those Elston residents, former residents, and others who loaned photographs to the Elston Heritage Project archive were given an undertaking that the images would not be available except for specific purposes. These included exhibitions, to provide information to researchers (particularly into their own family history), and for the sale of books, DVDs, and CDs where the proceeds of sale would go towards the continuation of the Project's work or to the church or the school (where stated below) and would not be sold for personal gain.  We ask you to please help us by observing the same conditions.        

ELSTON – THEN AND NOW                                                                                             PRICE £10
This book is a hand-sewn, high quality, volume which will still be around in a hundred years time for your great-grandchildren to leaf through. First published in April 2009, it contains sixty seven pairs of pictures, a selection from the images that had been collected over the previous two years from over a hundred individuals and organisations. Time Team’s Guy de la Bedoyere, penned the introduction.  Excellent value considering that they cost £13 each to print.

ELSTON – THEN AND NOW : THE MUSICAL        DVD £5   Not available via WeTransfer
All of the images shown in the book have been put onto a DVD with an added score of reflective classical music. Just stick it in your DVD player, hit the play button, and sit back and watch it on your TV as the pictures and the music flow over you at a leisurely pace. It’s a painless way of showing visitors your village and how it’s changed over the years and a nice accompaniment to the book.

This DVD plays on a computer only and contains the complete set of 35 illustrated catalogues of the Photographic Archive comprising over 950 selected images with accompanying text in a series of Word documents, from the over 5,600 images in the archive. An Excel index of the complete archive is included, by which you can find any reference (person, building, object or whatever) using Edit / Find on the toolbar, enabling you to identify which category contains the image. You can also use Edit / Find to locate references within each catalogue.

ELSTON MEMORIES        BOXED SET OF 3 DVDs £15    Not available via WeTransfer            
This is a rare, and perhaps unique, opportunity to hear tales of Elston as it once was and of the people who gave the village its character. The 3 DVDs contain over eight and a half hours of listening and comprise the whole of the 11 interviews with some of Elston’s oldest or longest residents (Mary Peatfield, David Smith, Olive Gilbert, Stan Wright, Alice Walker, Colleen Lievesley, Ivor Walker, Ray Horner, Brenda Castle, Margret Grundmann, Chris Crawford) plus extracts from Margaret Moutrie’s memoirs read by Chris Ditcham. As you listen to it on your DVD player you will be watching hundreds of related images from the photographic archive which illustrate the anecdotes.

This CD contains a series of Word documents comprising the transcripts of all eleven interviews plus the readings from Margaret Moutrie's book. It includes a few notes, where necessary, to amplify some of the matters raised in conversation, to explain unanswered questions, or where the interviewee may have been partly inaudible, inadvertently given wrong information or have momemtarily been unable to remember a name or fact.   

ELSTON CELEBRATES THE QUEEN'S SILVER JUBILEE      DVD £10   Not available via WeTransfer
On 7th June 1977 Elston celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee with a full day of festivities, which included children's races and games, a pram race, a thanksgiving service, a lunch for senior citizens, a fancy dress parade, a pole climbing competition, a street party, a tug of war, a hog roast, and a disco. The day's events were recorded on cine and video and the footage, which lasts nearly 50 minutes, was converted to DVD format with a classical music score and provides a unique record of the celebrations.

FIFTY YEARS OF ELSTON HISTORY (1965-2021)      DVD £10  WeTransfer £6
A collection of parish magazines, comprising nearly 90% of the 600 editions that have appeared in the last fifty years since they were first printed as monthly news sheets, have been put onto a single DVD, comprising 3,730 individual images. I can’t overstate what a bargain this is, considering the huge amount of work over a period of 18 months that has gone into scanning the images by Lauren Taylor, Daniel Blair, Richard Brooks, and Christine Hanby, resulting in a near comprehensive record of religious and secular events that have taken place over the last half century, a mine of information for researchers and those with an interest in Elston life. The advertisements also provide a wealth of information about the trades and businesses that have operated in the village at the same time.  For computers only.

CRAWFORD NEWSFILE (1791-2019)    CD £5  WeTransfer £3
From 1920 until she died in 1982, Margery Crawford saved any article in the Newark Advertiser or national papers that mentioned Elston. They vary from a couple of lines to double page spreads, including not only the normal births, engagements, marriages, and deaths but also special features or accounts of events, as well as stories about the people who lived here -- their experiences, their achievements, their tragedies, and their scandals. Together with Ruth Crawford’s, George White’s, Megan Merrick's, and Chris Blackamore’s collections they comprise an almost continuous record of over 900 news items about the village from just after the French Revolution to the present. This CD consists of a series of Word documents and will play only on a computer.

ELSTON HERITAGE TRAIL     DVD £5  Not available via WeTransfer
In the summer of 2009 the children of Class 4 of Elston All Saints Primary School recorded commentaries on 25 places of interest on the Elston Heritage Trail. Edited into a video of a walk around the village, they provide a young person's guide to Elston's oldest buildings. Lasting around half an hour it can be viewed on your TV via a DVD player. It includes appropriate musical passages during the walk between the stopping points and a few additional historical photographs. The proceeds of sales of this DVD will be donated to All Saints Primary School.

ELSTON BURIAL REGISTER        PRICE £5  We Transfer £3
This transciption in the form of a 36 page A4  booklet contains details of over 600 individuals buried during the period 1829-1940.  The transcriptions will be of particular interest to genealogists or those wishing to research their ancestry.   Details include the name of the individual, their village or town of residence, date of burial, age at death, the minister who performed the ceremony, and occasionally the occupation of the deceased.  The proceeds of sales of the register will go to All Saints Church.

All Saints Church Memorial Trail in the Village of Elston in the county of Nottinghamshire  -  £1 
All Saints Churchyard Trail in the Village of Elston in the county of Nottinghamshire  -  £1    
All proceeds go to the church, from which these leaflets are available. 
ELSTON VILLAGE HERITAGE PAINTING             £20  (not mounted)

Limited edition prints of David Cook's magnificent and highly detailed watercolour of an aerial view of the village specially commisioned for the Heritage Project and which formed the centrepiece to the heritage trail map are still available.  The painting is 11.5" high x 16.5" wide.